Always Forgiving Vasudha

How the divine mother of the whole creation constantly forgives and showers Her compassionate love upon us.

The most heart-wrenching prayer in creation! ----more----Jai Vasudhe Jaya Jai Vasudhe! (Kirtan) When you start loving Sri Nitaichand, the more closer ...View Details

How all the holy places in the whole creation have manifested in one place?----more----Gauda vraja kshetra cid vilas. After bhumi rupe gaurashyam, thi...View Details

Ekachakra is Gaura Shyam

Just listen to let the divine Ekachakra appear before your eyes and end all your misery forever. ----more----Ekachakra punya dham bhumi rupe gaura shy...View Details

It all begins today! A glimpse into my meditation and service to start with.----more---- Some years back when I had started sharing such revelations i...View Details

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