The most heart-wrenching prayer in creation!

Jai Vasudhe Jaya Jai Vasudhe! (Kirtan) When you start loving Sri Nitaichand, the more closer you come to Sri Nitaichand then you start loving His most intimate associates who reside in His heart always. And the foremost among them is Srimati Vasudha Devi. 

Jai Vasudhe! Jai Vasudhe! Sri Vasudhe Jai Sri Vasudhe! (Kirtan)

She is none other than Srimatì Ananga Manjari and She is the divine abode of infinite and ever expanding love for Nitaichand, anandkand Nitaichand. She always remain in the background. She is the personification of humility. She is always in the rapt attention on the Lotus feet of Sri Jahnavi and Sri Nitai. She is supremely pure in thought, word and deed. She always embraces Nitai in Her heart. Nitai has a permanent resting place in Her heart. Nitai always rests in Her heart, plays in Her heart. Imagine even a drop of Her love can inundate the most dry, most morose personality/ person then imagine how much love She must be continously feeling for Nitai. Its divine intoxication, divine intoxication, She cant even walk properly because She is always in rapt meditation on Her beloved anandkand Nitaichand. Just like Nitai is the abode of all ananda, the bliss and the greatest amount of mercy in the whole creation, so by constantly associating with such merciful  personality, His devotees have become even more merciful than Him.

And such devotee is Sri Vasudha. She is origin of the godess of fortune Sri Laxmi. She is the origin of all the internal potencies of the lord because She is the younger sister of Radhika in Vraja lila. She is always very very shy but yet Her heart is very very soft. It is once you touch Her heart, She will never (sighs) ever leave you. The only thing is to touch Her heart. Everything is possible for Her because She is the consort, the divine energy of the supreme personality of servitor godhead Sri Nitaichand. Oh my mind tightly grasp Her lotus feet like they are (sighs) your only hope. 

As tears are flowing from my eyes unto my cheeks to gently wash Her lotus feet. Oh Vasudhe! O Swamini! Even when I say Swamini, She feels so shy but She is my Swamin. She is a personification of humility just like Viahnupriya in Mayapur. 

Jahnavi Vasudha kantam
Padma Hadai nandanam 
Ekachakra gopa gopinam
PremiiNitai praneshvaram

Nitai is the very Her life breath. O Vasudhe! Please  glance mercifully always, please always. I have no one but You! Only You can pick me up and put me on the lotus feet of Jahnavi and Nitai. I don't have any qualification. O Vasudhe! Sri Vasudhe! Please  give me your intimate seva. I don't want any other. The supreme god and goddess is Jahnavi and Nitai in which always Your life breath is always floating in the divine remembrance. O Vasudhe! You are extremely pleased with any person who just says the name Jahnavi. Jahnavi and Nitai ! 

Anandkand Nitaichand always holds you to His chest and wets you by His tears of love. May that vision always appear in my heart of Nitai embracing Vasudha.

You belong to Nitai. Nitai is Yours. You are Nitai's. Nitai feels completely in trans in Your association. His love increases for You infinitely. He kisses on top of Your head, caressing your hair with His divine golden hands. Gently kisses Your forehead and He always faints in Your divine rapture to behold Your beauty which is incomparable in the whole creation. It cannot be expressed in words O Vasudhe! Your name is a fountain head of nectar for me. Varishaye shudha anupama. anupama nectar shower in my heart when I say Your name O Vasudhe! 

Jai Vasudha Jaya Jaya Vasudha! Jaya Jaya Sri Vasudha! (Kirtan)

By remembering You the most difficult of problems are solved by remembering Your lotus feet. The most unhappy souls become the most happy simply by remembering Your lotus feet. Simply by thinking of You, Your smile, Your benevolent smile is the perfection of human life because this smile overflows with compassion, acceptance, overflows with unconditional acceptance, simple hearted acceptance. Anyone who loves You truly loves anandkand Nitaichand.

Because anandkand Nitaichand continuously drinks the nectar of Your lotus lips that is why His lotus feet has become so so beautiful, so exquisite, so transcendental with full divine mellows. O Vasudhe! Always keep me at Your lotus feet. O Vasudhe! Engage me by Your merciful glance, engage me in Your service. Only by serving You, by falling at Your lotus feet can anyone attain anandkand Nitaichand. You are the hope of the most hopeless. If they just can think of Your lotus feet for a moment it becomes their lifeline. O Vasudhe! I just want to sing Your name, remember Your beautiful form. 

Jai Vasudha Jaya Vasudha Vasudha! Jaya Vasudha Jaya Sri Vasudha! (Kirtan)

Nitai's beauty is constantly reflected in Your eyes. I am gently caressing Your lotus feet and surrendering  myself to them wholly and solely. Dharo Vasudha charan du'khāni. Dandavat pranams.

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