How all the holy places in the whole creation have manifested in one place?Gauda vraja kshetra cid vilas. After bhumi rupe gaurashyam, this is gauda vraja kshetra cid vilas. Because Nitai is the abode in Gaud mandal, in Vraja mandal and Kshetra mandal Puri dham, because He Himself is the divine abode on which Lord Gaura Krishna is playing His pastimes. So what happens in Ekachakra is that, the essence of all Gaud mandal, Vraja mandal and Kshetra mandal is condensed by Nitai Himself. I give you a mundane example, when you are designing other people's homes, you are an architect and when it comes to design your own home then you will design it the best, you will include the elements of all your experience from your previous homes. So similarly even Nitai manifested Ekachakra, He Himself brought Gauda, Vraja, Kshetra, everything in Ekachakra. Everything in Jahnukund.  All the holy place, He brought in the most merciful way. In Radhakund also, all the holy places are there but they have come there to worship Radharani. Here in Jahnukund all the holy places are there. They have have come to give their mercy to everyone. In Radhakund also they give their mercy to everyone but here they are in maha audarya form. Because anyone who touches Nitai feels for all the other souls because Nitai Himself is constantly feeling compassion for the other souls.

udilo aruṇa pūraba-bhāge, dwija-maṇi gorā amani jāge. dwija-maṇi Nitai amani jāge so He gets up in the morning and just walks out and shares His love. bhakata-samūha loiyā sāthe, gelā nagara-brāje taking all His dwadash gopals and associates He goes out to give His love. Whichever universe He is in, that is His daily activity. 

So gauda vraja kshetra cid vilas. Why Gauda? Because the whole Navdvipa first of all Ekachakra is a part of Navdvipa Gauda mandal in the transcendental nitya lila realm of Goloka Vrindavan. They are just very close, both the Mayapur Yogapitha prakosht and the Ekachakra prakosht. They are very close to each other. So it is Navdvipa, obviously it is Gauda mandal. It is the most merciful part of Gauda mandal. 

There is one pastime in a very ancient book known as Gauranga Champu (if I remember it correctly) that ..actually it is not described in any scriptures but Gaura Nimai secretly came from Mayapur and met Nitai during ofcourse in some other universe. This universe He appeared 13 yrs later but in some..that is described or maybe it was later than 13 yrs They met after. It is secretly described in a book known as Gauranga Champu (if I remember it correctly) how Nimai met Nitai secretly when Nitai was touring the holy places in India. So not sure, I don't remember the exact pastime. So the thing is Gaura wants to come to Ekachakra obviously that is Gaura's pastime. He loves the abode of His brother, the topmost servitor, ultimate devotee. chatra vasana asana dhari rupa nishdin sevat krishna swarupa and in Vraja Banka Ray. 

There are stories that Banka Ray appeared as Nitai's younger brother for 10 yrs and then when Banka came to know that Nitai is going to leave Ekachakra 12 yrs then He Himself dissapeared when He was in the fields. Some say He entered into Jahnu Kund, there is a samadhi temple there. So obviously Krishna appeared in Vraja to play with Nitai along with His dwadash gopals. How blissful it would have been you know! So obviously Vraja is there that's why it is known as gupt vrindavan. That's why when Nitai was leaving Ekachakra, in the Kadamb Khandi ghat, He was crossing the Jamuna. Jamuna is also there, so it is Vraja. It is gupt Vrindavan and the Jamuna is very, very, very merciful. Unfortunately one cannot take bath there but there are some devotees who take it. But if one takes bath in the Jamuna then, i mean one can take mental bath surely, mental touch of those water is trancedentaly divine. That Jamuna in Ekachakra is so, so, so merciful. So, Vraja is also there in Ekachakra fully because Banka Ray was there for 10 yrs and is always there. And when Nitai was leaving and He was going to cross the Jamuna, Banka Ray came floating as a divine deity of daru brahma neem cart. So He disappeared first and then He again came. He could not bear Nitai leaving Ekachakra. Nitai picked Him up and embraced him. Oh brother! Oh brother! Oh Krishna! He was crying but He said He has to leave! He has to leave! And He put Banka Ray inside the Kadamb tree because Kadamb reminds Krishna of Radha, it's a fair tree. Krishna embraces Kadamb tree thinking it as Radha and Radha embraces Tamal tree which is blackish thinking it is Krishna. So, Nitai knowing this pastime He put Banka Ray in a, there was a hollow place in the tree. So Nitai put, but that hollow, but that hole was not very high in length, so Banka Ray was very tall, taller than the hole, not very tall. Banka Ray was not very big, the original deity also, exactly I cannot say but 3 feet, 4 feet, 3 1/2, 4 like that and so, but still He was not going. The hole was just 2 1/2, feet. Something like that, I am just giving very roughly. So Nitai told Banka Ray now is the time to become Banka, to bend Your neck and start playing the flute because I am going to keep you here and my Ekachakra is gupt Vrindavan. So you will never feel separation from Radha and You will play your flute here inside the kadamb tree. Kadamb means You have been enveloped and embraced by Radha and You have been embraced by Me also. I am also fair in complexion. So think of the kadamb tree as Me and if you want to think of Kadamb tree as Radha both ways. We are Your topmost devotees and We will embrace You all the time. So stay here. Banka Ray stayed there for how many years, it was like unimaginable. 

It was like Nitai left Ekachakra in 1485 then He returned back may be in late 1530's/1540 you can say like almost 55 yrs, 50 - 55 yrs Banka Ray was waiting there and Nitai did not forget obviously. His brother is always in His heart. And then when He came, Banka Ray said please take Me out in a vision and Nitai established temple for Banka Ray which was later renovated in the present form. 

So where Banka Ray is there,Vraja is there and then ultimately Nitai  merged into Banka Ray at the time of His disappearance in 1541. So that made Banka Ray as Nitai Banka Ray. Nitai Himself is there. He is giving darshan to the whole world as Banka Ray. And again you can have mental darshan of Baka Ray. Mentally offering the prostrated obesciances before Banka Ray is actually more powerful than even going physically. I have seen that repeatedly. I have been to Ekchakra many many times, I cannot count them. But now, right now when I remember Banka Ray I feel He is pleased, He is looking on me with a very very pleased and happy smile. He is very pleased you know. When I go there also, it takes some time for Him to smile on me but here He is instantly smiling, instantly! I am just instantly dandavats here. In manasik- manasik darshan, mansik smaran, mansik dandavats , mansik vas, you can actually feel the reciprocation very very fast. 

Actually wherever your mind is you are there, the soul. We are not this body, we are a soul. We have to take the soul to Ekachakra. The body, okay, right now we have this body so we take it to Ekchakra but ultimately in nitya lila, the body is not allowed, this mundane body. So mentally, mansik we can go to Ekachakra and offer our dandavats pranams there before Banka Ray and understand that one is actually doing dandvats in dust of Vrindavan. Where Banka Ray is there, Nitai is there.

Gauda vraja, it is Vraja. One who thinks Ekachakra is not Vraja is doomed. Because Ekachakra is the most merciful manifestation of Vraja, it is the only way you can have Vraja vas. eta vas kari vrindavan sphure, ekachakra sewa bina vrindavan dure. Wow! If you do mental residence in Ekachakra, then Vrindavan will manifest in your heart. Krishna will actually glance upon you. Radharani will actually accept you. And if you don't do mental remembrance of Ekachakra and service to Ekachakra and mental residence in Ekachakra, then vrindavan dure. Then Vrindavan is very, very, very, very................... far. I cannot say 'very' for koti kalpa, millions of times, please forgive me but that's what Krishna told Ananta Dev that don' have some attraction for krishna, you are having some vision, but don't go to Vrindavan because Vrindavan cannot be achieved by some visions and some sphurties. To get an entry in Vrindavan one needs directly the sanction of the manjaris, sakhis, Radharani. So, you go to Gauda mandal. By residing there if Vraja manifests in your heart that is a true manifestation of Vraja in your heart because it is offenseless. In that way you will enter. 

Even Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur, he wrote Navdvipa Bhav Tarang, where he first entered into Vraja as kamal manjari. He described his beautiful encounter with Ananga manjari and then Rupa manjari and then Lalita and then Radha, how he serves and then he came to Radhakund and then he was sitting in his Swanand Sukhad kunja and then he got further entry. So Bhaktivinoda Thakur also again everything happened in Gauda mandal. 

For Jagannatha das babaji also he was 100 yrs he was staying in Vraja mandal. He was not satisfied, he was staying in Radhakund, Suryakund, the topmost places in madhyan lila. He was not satisfied. So Jagannatha das babaji moved, he moved to Navdvipa and in Navdvipa he was very satisfied. He could totally, fully, enter into the nitya lila. Ofcourse he was there in Vraja also 100 yrs. He did all the ekadasis for 100 yrs (nirjala). I mean, but still for him Navdvipa was higher. 

Prabodanand Saraswati says that Gauda mandal, in the Nitai Gaura lila the gopis also came. They came as goswamis. They came in different different forms. So, they experience the happiness which is much higher than even Vraja lila. Can you imagine what can be higher than Vraja lila, madhurya pastimes of Radha Krishna, the manjaries? But he did experience something very very very high. But the thing is it is very high and at the same time it is very accessible. 

Gauda vraja kshetra cid vilas. cid means eternal and vilasa means pastimes. All the three pastimes of Gauda mandal, Vraja mandal and Kshetra mandal- these are all brought by Nitai to Ekachakra. In Ekachakra all these pastimes are present in the nitya Ekachakra, in the bhamua Ekachakra and these, the Ekachakra can be approached by us manasikaly, mentally very easily. Again the same like Nitai's form, Nitai's nam, Nitai rupa, Nitai dham. 

Nitainam, Nitai dham, Nitai rupa guna, appradh nahi mane tari te nipuna. Nitai's name, Nitai's dham, Nitai's rupa/form and Nitai's qualities, they don't consider any offences so they are very expert in actually delivering the souls. Nipuna, beautiful word used by Bhaktivinoda for Nityananda Prabhu Himself. Bhaktivinoda Thakur is writing Navdvipa dham mahatmya. Nipuna, they are very expert in delivering the conditioned souls. tari te, tari te means to deliver, tarite nipun. 

So why Nitai is nipun, expert? Because gauda vraja kshetra cid vilas all the pastimes are there. Who can bring all the pastimes unless who is there in all those places, Himself seeing them, serving in them, He has manifested all these dhams- Gauda, Vraja, Kshetra.  

Gauda mandal is a very huge 1000 petal lotus, big big lotus. Vraja is also 84 chros miles dham and Puri is 80 miles (10 chros). So all these dhams are manifested in Ekachakra. There is Jagannatha Puri in Ekachakra, the temple, there is Banka Ray I described, there is Navdvipa, there is Goverdhan, there is Radhakund Shyamkund, Vraja is there. I don't know whether to speak of Vraja or to go to the Kshetra now? So many sphurties are now coming.  

gauda vraja kshetra cid vilas. cid means eternally these three dhams are playing in Ekachakra dham. Can you imagine so beautiful, so beautiful, so beautiful. Even in Navdvipa there is, you know in nine islands there are different parts like Vaikunthapur, Mahatpur. Vaikuntha is there Ramanand acharya was transported there and Nimbakacharya Shiva's aboard and maha varanasi hari har kshetra is there, kashi all are there, all holy places are there, Namisharanyaye is there where Suta goswami was speaking Chaitanya Bhagwat to all the sieges. So, in Navdvipa also all the holy places are there. So similarly in Ekachakra also all these places are there. Because Navdvipa is also Nitai. So wherever Nitai goes all these dhams go actually and Nitai never leaves Ekachakra.

Of course in the bhauma lila He left Ekachakra, but Krishna also left Vrindavan in Ekchakra in 11 yrs. Does it means that Krishna is not there, no. The acharyas say vṛndāvanaṁ parityajya padam ekaṁ na gacchati (SB 10.9.21)- Krishna never leaves Vrindavan. So same with Nitai. Nitai never leaves and the proof of that is when Narottam das thakur went to Ekachakra he saw that old brahmana came to him and was Nitai Himself and took him on parikrama and was very very very very blissful detailed parikrama of His own abode. Who knows His own pastime places better than him and He himself showed it to Narottam. How merciful He is, how dayalu He is! Any Lord who comes Himself and takes the devotee on parikrama? (laugh). Have you seen that kind of a lord, no never never never, never a such a Lord existed and never will such a Lord exist na bhuto na bhavishyati. Nitai is that kind of Lord always always reciprocating in a highest, topmost way, unbelievable unbelievable ways. So that it is very very very important. 

gauda vraja kshetra cid vilas Vraja is there Yamuna is there. Please don't have any doubt. There is Radhakund Shyamkund is there. Nitai played those pastimes because He is Ananga manjari, so obviously He will manifest Radhakund there, behind the Jagannath temple and Gobrar Math is there where Giri Goverdhan is there. 108 kundas are there. So don't think vrindavan is not there, that would be the greatest foolishness because the only way to Vrindavan is Ekachakra. Ek, ek means the only, only way to enter into Vrindavan and enter into Navdvipa or enter into Jagannath Puri. You have to mentally reside in Ekachakra. Mentally remember Ekachakra. That is very important. That is my humble endeavour through these audios to actually take you there mentally and mentally roll in the divine dust of Ekachakra so that you can attain everything else. 

gauda vraja kshetra cid vilas so Kshetra, Kshetra means mandal, let's come to mandal. I am not still not happy with my description of Gauda and Vraja because there are many many sphurties which I like to share but, Kshetra mandal, Kshetra mandal is where all the vipralambha pastimes of separation were menifested by Gaura and His associates and Panchtattva, the highest associates like Swarupa Damodar goswami, Ramananda Rai, Haridas thakur, Rupa Sanatan. So Puri is obviously manifested in Ekachakra because Nitai used to go from Gauda mandal to Puri every four months in a year to be with Gaura and come back and do His distribution of love. So beautiful, He used to walk and at that time their were no trains, no cars, no roads. He used to walk for so many miles like almost thousand kilometers. I am not exactly sure from Navdvipa Ekachakra to Puri and every year. Imagine how much love They had for Lord Gaura to see him in Puri and then they used to go back also because that was Gaura's order and Nitai would actually be in so much of a trance and He could not forget the Puri's lila. When He would walk, sometimes it would take days just to walk a few steps and it was like. So imagine the whole Puri consciousness, Kshetra mandal consciousness he would take it back to Ekachakra, take it back to Gauda, Bengal. So obviously Puri manifested  there. I mean I am giving another way to understand how Puri, how Ekachakra is Puri dham, it is very important. 

Of course there is Jagannath where Lord's father and mother were great devotees of Jagannath. Jagannath is very merciful Lord and Hadai Pandit and Padmavati they are also very very simple hearted, very blissful topmost devotees and they wanted to go to Puri. They used to go to Puri to see Jagannath walking again. But then they became old like in external lila, they could not go. They told Nitai their predicament we want to see Jagannath this year but we can't go and what to do. Please tell us. You are always gives the best advice, your words console us. Your words are so so so sweet like nectar. Oh! Oh dear son please tell us what to do? It's heart melting parental pastimes. And Nitai replied my dear father and mother I love you so much, I love you so much, I love you more than my own life. I love you very very much and He embraced both of them. Imagine that golden doll embracing His father and mother. How much bliss, how much bliss they must have experienced. yasyalinde param brahma, in their courtyard there param brahma, the golden param brahma used to play in Ekachakra in divine courtyard the place where Garbhavas- the center of the whole creation is there. When He appeared and embraced His parents, He also started crying because there is no other Lord as bhakta vatsal, as endearing to His devotees than Nitai. Always endearing, always, even a little love His heart melts. I can't describe this, I can't describe this, I have to stop this (crying).

gauda vraja kshetra cid vilas I have to describe it.. so Nitai looking at His parents, Nitai said, I can do anything for you my dear father and mother. I can do anything for you. Jagannath is my brother, wherever I will request He will manifest because I am always with Him as Baldeva, so he will manifest any time. His parents were shocked, really Nitai? What will you do for us to help us for this precadiment? We can't go to Puri dham. Nitai said I will call Jagannatha here to give you darshan. Baldeva is me, so I can become Baldeva easily and our sister will come. Both the brothers are here, Subhadra and the Sudarshan chakra is anyway my..I am sudarshana chakra, Krishna's chakra is Me. So I will manifest. I remember now, I remember! Wow!  

Suddenly it appeared to me now like in 2001 when I wanted to surrender and take the next step to the next ashram of parivrajak acharya then I was participating in rathyatra and I was near Baldeva chariot and i was just dancing as a brahmachari and said it is a very big step in my life, I have to leave so many things. Then I looked at Baldeva and said Baldeva if you will give me some blessing right now, some indication then I will accept. Then I will leave everything,  total. So immediately a very very big miracle, there were like 100s of devotees surrounding around Baldeva chariot and the pujari, I remember his name was Krishna Murari das, he suddenly looked at me and said, come here, come here and I said wow, really? Then I came near the chariot and he took Baldeva garland out from His divine neck and he threw the garland to me. I was totally shocked and it directly fell into my neck. But what this Nitai, I was totally, I had no idea, I was totally matimand, I was a fool. I had no idea, I offered dandvats right there on the street. Everybody said, I have no idea what Nitai was planning, i had no idea right now i would be sitting here and describing the glories of Ekachakra and become and become a, try to love my Nitai so deeply. I have no idea i would come to this stage of utter dependence on my praneshwar Nitai. But He knew that, He knew where to bring me, where to put me. Baldeva is Nitai, Nitai is Baldeva and give me the courage. Such a miracle!

So what I am trying to say is that Baldeva is very reciprocating in the form of Jagannatha, Baldeva, Subhadra because He is Nitai and Nitai is the most reciprocating, He is the most loving, the most loving, most loving and He will never say no, He will never not reciprocate. Even if its your slightest efforts.

kshetra cid vilas being Nitai suddenly closed His eyes and He manifested the deities- Jagannatha, Baldeva, Subadhra. How they came..They are again daru brahma because in Puri also They are daru brahma neem cart and They manifested small ones like how Banka Ray is small because Nitai loved small because He was also small child at that time not beyond 10 yrs. So even Jagannatha, Baldeva are small there and He manifested Them and He handed them such innocently to Hadai and said see see, Jagannath, Baldeva, Subhadra have come and His parents fainted, they fainted on the ground. They could not imagine what Nitai could do, because of their vatsalya bhav they never thought Nitai as a Lord, they always thought Nitai as a child. Like Yashoda saw whole creation is Krishna's mouth, Yashoda still thought may be I must be imagining things, because she didn't want to leave that love as His mother. If she would fully try to take up that concept  that Krishna is God then Yashoda cannot be His mother because who can be the Lord's mother..she has to offer dandavats, who can protect the child, He is protecting everyone. So similarly the vatsalya mood or any rasa, they don't want to leave their rasa because their rasa is higher than the bhagvat tattva, the form of, the mood of godliness. Like Devki and Vadudev, when Krishna manifested four hands in Mathura, then Devki Vasudev offered prayers but Nand Yashoda never did that. They always thought of Their child as a Krishna, a child. Similarly Hadai and Padmavati. Why would Nitai want those kind of official prayers of His being God? 

yasyamsha-kalah sa nitya-
nandakhya-ramah sharanam mamastu (Cc.Adi.1.7)

All these prayers given in Chaitanya Caritamrit of Nitai. 

mayatite vyapi-vaikuntha-loke
purnaishvarye shri-chatur-vyuha-madhye
rupam yasyodbhati sankarshanakhyam
tam shri-nityananda-ramam prapadye

All these kinds of prayers are like a very lavish prayers of His different forms all over creation serving the Lord but these prayers are beautiful we should sing those prayers, because we are not on the level of Hadai and Padma to direct love Him as our child to see Him even right now, ofcourse we can see Him by hearing and mentally we can reside in Ekachakra. So that is very very important that these prayers ..but at the same time on the stage of ragmarg, raganuga bhakti, Nitai just loves that rasa of reciprocation  between His parents and Himself and so the parents got shocked, they fainted. When they got up they said 'my dear child Nitai, what have you done? What is this mystic powers?' They were just like surprised, but they never really wanted to think that He is Baladeva, He is god. OK ok you may be god, but you are our child first and then you may be God. That is the concept. You may be god. Ok you may be god that's Your thing but You are our child first. So that is Nitai's mercy.  When Jagannath Baladeva Subadra and they are actually 600 yrs old, 500 yrs. Because in Jagannath Puri the deities keep on changing navakalevara and even smadhi in koili vaikuntha. But in Ekachakra there is no such thing because they are the same self manifested deities of Nitaichand. 

Extremely extremely just like Navdvipa Dham Matamaya mentions going to Hari Har kshetra is like thousand or ten thousand times more powerful than going to Kashi or Varanasi the actual place of Lord Siva. So going to Hari Har kshetra nobody knows the importance unfortunately, in Kaliyuga Navdvipa is hidden, Ekachakra is hidden. Okay now its little bit starting to become popular. Similarly going to Ekachakra one gets like thousands of times more benefit than going to Jagannatha Puri. Ofcourse both are equal, transcendental. But here you can see Nitai's Jagannatha which is more even more merciful, accessible to everyone, Nitai's Jagannatha. Gigantic temple has been established now and this is the beauty. Kshetra mandal has also come because for 8 months Nitai had to stay in Gauda when Gaura was in Puri so Nitai would obviously manifest Puri in Gauda for because 8 months He had to stay there. So this is Puri manifested when He was a child. Actually when Lord Himself took birth there, when Nitai took birth, all the dhams came in you know. No need of any explanation.  But just the lila of Jagannatha Puri and how Hadai Padmavati served Jagannath so much. His temple is near the Pataleshwar Shiva temple where Hadai Pandit used to worship to get Nitai as His son, and near Gostitala. Gostitala is just like the Akshay vat and the vancha vat in puri, Jagannatha puri temple there. It’s a very huge kalpa vriksha tree, very huge and that is where the original, the crow kakpushandi you know when He told that this was His temple and there was a fight.There is a whole pastime in Indradyumna Maharaj and then king Galmadhav. 

Indradyumna maharaj went to the heavens to call Bhrama for the pran prathistha of Jagannatha and millions of years passed and Galmadhav was riding with His horse and He fell down and then He saw the dome of the temple, something and then He excavated the temple and He said it is my temple but then sitting on the tree the crow said no no it’s, when Indradumnya Maharaj came back with Bhrama then it is Jagannatha temple actually. So He gave witness. So this kalpavriksha tree is very important that when, the Bhrama, there is a pastime when the crow fell down from the tree in Puri into the water and then immediately the crow got four handed form and went to Vaikuntha. So from a bird body you can directly go to the spiritual world. You don’t have to come to the human being. So this is the mercy. So that tree manifested in Ekachakra, the divine tree as Goshtitala. Goshtitala is so beautiful, so beautiful, you can still hear the voice of Nitai with His cowherd boyfriends sitting there when you go there.  So powerful place, so wonderful you feel like rolling in the dust. Mentally you can do all, see right now mentally I am remembering Goshtitala and I am experiencing even a higher bliss then even when I was there physically. I am telling you honestly, I am not kidding. You know just because you cannot go, all of you cannot go to Ekachakra right now, so I am saying this to appease you, no no no, that is not the case. I am actually feeling much more deeper remembrance right now, and I can hear voices of Nitai taking with His associates in the Gostitala. So everything is there in smaranam, through mind if you want to remember then Nitai will give you that remembrance matasmriti gyanam apohanamcha in the Gita He says that forgetfulness comes from me, remembrance comes from me, knowledge comes from me, so if you want to remember He will make you remember and Nitai never says no He always makes you remember unconditionally. Other lords may require qualifications and conditions. So just try to remember Ekachakra and you will get that you will be in Ekachakra quite instantly.
kshetra cid vilas, how can I describe the beauty of this beautiful temple of Jagannatha in Ekachakra which was there I am not just seeing the present beauty, I am seeing the beauty at that time. It was so so beautiful and it is in the unmanifested realm. cid vilas means every second Dwarka Mathura, Gokul, yakaroti sagokule  nilachala satakrishna swayam charati ya prabhu whatever pastimes the lord performs in all the holy places, they were performed in Kshetra mandal and whatever pastimes lord performed in Gauda Vraja and kshetra mandals and all the places, they were performed in Ekachakra. cid vilas and they are not they were performed, cid vilas means they are eternally going on there even now when we mentally remember Ekachakra we can see those pastimes if we have received the mercy of Nitai which is very easy to receive and we can actually slowly slowly comprehend them, see them, in front of your inner eyes and that is the real residence in Ekachakra and trust me that mental residence is what takes you into the Dham at the time of our death. Physical residence makes us little 'formality breads contempt' kind of thing, it makes us relaxed oh now I am physically in  Ekachakra, oh now I don’t have to remember Ekachakra. We become kind of lazy or we take it for granted, that is the right word, we take it for granted. But when we are at a distance then we know every second is counting and every second I have to remember the divine Ekachakra, so that is very very important you know.
gauda vraja kshetra cid vilas, the cid vilas the eternal pastimes should be in the Ekachakra of Nitaichand, anandakanda Nitaichand should be the constant object of my remembrance that is my only entry into all these Dhams, only entry to serve Nitai first, Vasudha, Jahnavi, Hadai, Padmavati, all the associates of Ekachakra first and then to serve Gaurasundar, Vishnupriya, Lakshmipriya, Sachimata, Jagannatha Mishra and the Panchatattva and then to serve Radha Krishna or Krishna Balarama or Yashoda, Nanda Maharaj, Krishna sakhas. So that is the proper sequence of remembrance. Nobody can reject this truth, that is the proper sequence of entry. 
One may say no no what if my form is not there in Ekachakra, arre baba, it is not possible because Ekachakra is in the nitya Goloka Vrindavan, Ekachakra is not below Goloka Vrindavan, you have to go to Goloka Vrindavan right? There is no other higher planet than that. Below that is Dwarka, below that is Ayodhaya, below that is Vaikuntha so those planets are optional Iike you may have One form in Vaikuntha and one form in Goloka Vrindavan or one form in Ayodhya and one form in Goloka Vrindavan like Murari Gupta, Hanuman is Murari Gupta in Goloka Vrindavana in Gauda and He is Hanuman in Ayodhya. But here, so one form has to be there, one form is there so you cannot have any other option heno Nitai bine bhai Radha Krishna Paite Nai, if there were some souls who could go to Krishna directly, who could go to Gauranga directly without Nitai then Narottama would not have made this blanket, universal, absolute, completely transcendental statement that no one! no one! no one can ever attain Radha Krishna without Nitai. Right now there are many sampradayas who are worshiping Radha Krishna which is very beautiful, but they are preparing themselves, they are preparing themselves by worshiping Radha Krishna for many lives, then they will ultimately worship Nitai in one life and then they will actually attain Radha Krishna factually. 
I am not here.. see I am very very humble person, I am not boasting here that we are superiors than other. Everyone is wonderful, they are on that path. We have attained Nitai so we are even more lucky. So please please nourish this, cultivate this remembrance very very deeply and every single word thats why I am explaining in so much detail. 
gauda vraja kshetra cid vilas, chid vilas. Be totally happy and prasanna that when you are remembering Ekachakra, you are remembering all the dhams, eternal pastimes of all the dhams because like I said the one who is all the dhams when He makes His own dham, He will obviously put everything into it, all his experience, all His bliss, all His dham, all His other creations would go into that thing and that is Nitai had made Ekachakra like that and it has everything everything everything in the whole creation from Goloka Vrindavan to the lowest.. everything, everything, spiritual planet, all the beauty and the sweetness, the bliss, the happiness, the opulence, the love of all the abodes this transcendental realm is present in Ekachakra dham and I am a very very tiny sudhra Jiva, how can I describe it? What I am giving now, it is just a tiny tiny drop of that divine nectar. 

I am just touching a drop and still I feel so quenched, imagine what must be the real smarana the real remembrance. Dandvat Pranams, Jai Nitai! Hare Krishna! Jai Guruvarga!

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