It all begins today! A glimpse into my meditation and service to start with.

Some years back when I had started sharing such revelations in Nitai Smaran, sharp criticism and  comments were posted. And that hurt my soft heart so much that I stopped recording them. Especially because I don’t initiate any disciples, raise funds, or want any fame and followers. In fact, I would lose many because of revealing my heart like this, as this makes it easy to criticise me as a sahajiya.

Quoted from SBVT: “And we will not try to gain pratishtha by displaying artificial symptoms of Bhakti to those who are in fact opposed to Bhakti.”

1. I stand to lose Pratishtha and followers by revealing my heart as I have explained above. I am not even recording videos of these intimate sphurits of mine as I feel too shy and exposed to show them. Hence I can’t possibly be doing this for pratishta. So the above quote does not apply to me.

2. Whatever I am saying in 100% genuine. Whatever I see, I am expressing it in words. I don't type it before hand. I don't make it up as I am speaking. They are not artificial realizations which I am making up on the fly. Sincere listeners can feel the stirrings of love by hearing these sounds. Artificial sahajiyaism can be identified very easily as there is no substance in the sound vibrations. The power of my sounds is the proof that my sphurtis are not artificial. Rest I don't need to justify why I am recording and sharing them to anyone. One is free not to hear them or just go on one's own path. So again the above quote does not apply to me.

3. It is a fact that we should not reveal our intimate Gaura Radha Krishna sphurtis in front of people especially those who have no faith or would oppose them. But I firmly believe that there is no harm whatsoever, only immense benefit and compassion to all souls, by sharing the Maha Audarya, unconditional, and most merciful Sphurits of Sri Sri Nitai to the whole world. There is no such danger of fools rushing in where angels fear to tread or sahajiyaism in this. Because the entire Nitai Lila is a shortcut and there is nothing sahajiya about it. So such intimate Nitai Lila speakers may appear as prakrita sahajiyas but we are not but we are in fact aprakrita sahajiyas.

Therefore this time, I am not going to succumb to intimidation. I know what I am speaking does not violate or transgress any siddhanta.. Chaitanya Nityanande nahi esaba vichar... o name (lilate) aparadhe vichar to nahi he.. sune jadi pashandi yavana, sei mahavaishnava haya tatakshana... even an opposing pashandi and yavana can hear the most intimate pastimes of Vasudha Jahnavi Nitai in Sri Ekachakra and become mahavaishnava.


Last few days I have been meditating on Sri Vasudha devi's divine service to Sri Nitai Jahnavi and it has been very very blissful for me personally and most ecstatic days of my life, visualizing myself serving Sri Vasudha devi who is serving Sri Sri Jahnavi Nitai. So feel very very happy to record from the internal bliss of this meditation. May Sri Vasudha devi's lotus feet always appear in my heart. Saying Her name invokes so much happiness in me that I can't describe it in words. 

syama-gauri-ange dibo (cuwa) candanera gandha camara dhulabo kabe heri mukha-candra when will that day be mine when I will apply divine sandalwood on the body of Sri Vasudha devi and behold Her lotus face? 

May my mind always revolve in that beautiful Ekachakra yogapitha. The divine birds are chirping and the divine forms of Sri Sri Sri Vasudha Jahnavi and Nitai are being served with infinite love and devotion by Sri Padmavati, Sri Hadai Pandita and all the maidservants and the cowherd boyfriends of Sri Nitai. 

May I always remember each and every pastime place of Sri Ekachakra dham because every single pastime place and its remembrance makes me more and more qualified to serve my three lordships Vasudha Jahnavi and Nitai. 

May I always roll on the ground which is studed with chintamani stones in the divine presence of Sri Sri Sri Vasudha Jahnavi Nitai. In that way my spiritual form will awaken fully, splendidly and I will no longer be a part of this material world. The tears of love from my spiritual eyes will flow in the yogapitha and touch the lotus feet of Vasudha Jahnavi. And then They will both accept me somehow due to Their causeless mercy, due to Their divine vision, due to Their most unconditional glance upon me, all forgiving mothers. And They will engage me somehow, They will engage me in the divine service of Sri Nitaichand. This is my only desire because serving the 3 of them, my swarupa in Vraja lila will become so effortless, so spontaneous and so unconditional without waiting for millions and million and millions of life to serve Radha and Krishna. So let me focus with my full one pointed attention on remembering the lotus feet of Sri Vasudha and Sri Jahnavi because Their lotus feet will give me the divine service of Sri Nitai. That is my hope against all hope and I am quiet sure about that. Because the more I mentally serve them, the more my happiness increases, the more I feel content, the more I feel satisfied, the more I feel fulfilled in the core of my soul. 

vasudhar caraṇa satya, tāhāra sevaka nitya. sri jahnavir caraṇa satya, tāhāra sevaka nitya Sri Jahnavi will mercifully glance upon me and award me the service of Sri Vasudha, the lotus feet and Sri Vasudha will mercifully glance upon me and awarded the service of Sri Jahnavi's lotus feet. And all of this will be in the most beautiful, most beautiful the maha audaryamoy, the unconditionally giver of prem bhakti in both the lilas- Sri Ekachakra dham. 

My mind is slowly becoming like a honey bee revolving inside the divine beautiful palace of Sri Nitai Jahnavi and Vasudha and in Their divine kunja in the centre of Nitai kund. This is my only hope, my only prayer.

Whenever I have any dilemma, I remember Their lotus feet and it answers my all questions. All my quests, all my thirsts are fulfilled in Their service. more siddha-deha diya, nitai-pase rakhe giya, e dehera kore sarva-nas. vikasita punah, dekhay nija rupa guna, chita hari laye nitai pas. What can I say more than just repeating the words of Srila Sacchidanand Kamal Manjari Bhaktivinoda Thakur. 

Actually since Sri Vasudha, Sri Jahnavi and Sri Nitai all 3 are Ananga manjari in Vraja lila in Radhakund, the remembrance of both the lilas is so interwoven with each other but still I don't want to think of Vraja lila right now. I just want to dive deeper and deeper into the maha audarya lila in my spiritual form of service of Sri Jahnavi Vasudha and Sri Nitai. That is my only desire and if They want they can put wherever They want in Vraja lila. It is Their choice because when They will recommend then I will go through their wish, Their desire then Ananga, Rupa, Rati and Sri Lalita and ultimately Srimati Radhika will never refuse such a fallen soul. Because who can be more bigger devotees of Them other than Vasudha, Sri Jahnavi and Sri Nitai? 

I dont know what I would have done if this maha audarya lila was not ther. I would have told Sri Nitai destroy my soul forever. I dont want to be created in such a creation where this maha audarya lila is not there, where Sri Vasudha is not there, where Sri Jahnavi is not there, where Sri Nitai is not there, where Sri Ekahakra dham is not there. That will be the greatest misery. 

I feel, I feel Their reciprocation, I feel that They are calling me into the lila, in Their pastimes. I feel that They are giving me a chance, golden opportunity. Hridyate Jahnavi Vasudha sarvatra sevibe. I can feel this attraction. My mind like a magnet. My mind stops hankering for  everything else when I remember Sri Vasudha's lotus feet, Sri Jahnavi's lotus feet, the most beautiful service of Sri Nitai in Ekachakra dham. My mind doesnot want anything else. The mind becomes my best friend because the spiritual mind has taken over the transcendental mind of my spiritual form. The more we allow it to take over and serve three most merciful lordships in the whole creation. They never reject a soul. They never say no to a soul. They are the most sensitive, They are the most caring, They are the most most most of everything, unconditional, forgiving, most forgiving. 

They say in kaliyuga the mental offences are not considered but they are considered because mind is our own and we are committing, it's an act even though it's in mind but Sri Jahnavi, Sri Vasudha, Sri Nitai don't consider that at all. If they don't consider physical offences, how will They consider mental offences? Mental offences are more severe because through mind we can reach them over contemplation of 5 levels of smaran bhakti. 

So these audios from today will be my most humble offering to all the devotees in this world. I will record videos occasionally but I feel in these audios I can close my eyes and it nourishes my soul. It is my sadhana, my bhajan. anukūla habe vidhi, se-pade hoibe siddhi, nirakhibo e dui nayane When will this vidhi become favourable? And when will I get siddhi in these lotus feet of these 3 most merciful lovers and when will I see them, when will I see these lotus feet with my eye? nirakhibo e dui nayane. nirakhibo- you cannot see Their lotus feet without your spiritual body because spiritual body has spiritual eyes, material body has material eyes. And They are fully spiritual. They are on highest spiritual planet in the spiritual world, the realm which is three times bigger than this material realm. 

So I will be back with more remembrances of the ashtakaliya lila of Sri Vasudha, Sri Jahnavi and Sri Nitai. Don't think that this is very advance. We say Radhika Krishna ashtakaliya lila is very advance but Vasudha Jahnavi and Nitai lila is saral ati, sehaj taar phal, it's very easy, very simple to remember. Everyone has entry there. Everyone has entry in Ekachakra. One can remember these divine pastimes. I thankyou all the listeners because you are the one's who are merciful upon me and letting me remember Them because of hearing otherwise I would never  record in the first place. So my repeated millions of dandavats to the lotus feet of all of you listeners. You are the one's who will take me to the lila, to the pastimes. chule dhori karo more par. Dandavat pranams.



🦻🔊 Once you impregnate and imbue the sound recordings with deep, offenseless, liberal, and all-forgiving Nitai LIla Smarana in your Ekachakra siddha deha, then it is done forever. That smarana rasa, being fully transcendental, stays encapsulated in those audios forever and those who hear them attentively can gradually attain the same highest Nitai Lila smarana rasa, even if they hearing those audios after 100+ years for example.

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