Ekachakra is Gaura Shyam

Just listen to let the divine Ekachakra appear before your eyes and end all your misery forever.

Ekachakra punya dham bhumi rupe gaura shyam. Sri Ekachakra dham is punya dham, punya dham because it is always directly touched by the lotus soles of the supreme personality of Godhead, the most merciful of all forms of god, the most overflowing lord of all love who is always ready to embrace us in His two arms Sri Anandkand Nitaichand. It is the most auspicious because the toe nails of Nitaichand are always resplendent in that dham. So it is punya dham. This is not material punya it is transcendental divine punya. 

Just by remembering the beautiful particles of Ekachakra dham, all our offences from time immemorial are completely obliterated.  Even a particle of Ekachakra dham is causelessly, unconditionally, liberally all forgiving. bhumi rupe gaurashyam, bhumi rupe gaurashyam. What a sublime beauty of Sri Ekachakra dham. bhumi rupe gaurashyam I dont want to say anything else. 

All other dhams are Nitaichand Himself becoming soft when Krishna or Gauranga walk on Him in Vraja and Navdvipa. So Gaura Krishna reciprocates that seva, that service of Nitai. He wants to show His love for Nitaichand so He Himself becomes Ekachakra dham. bhumi rupe gaurashyam. He wants the constant touch of the lotus feet of anandkand Nitaichand. Like Krishna wanted the touch of the dust of lotus feet of the gopis so He played the drama of having the headache. Similarly bhumi rupe Gaurashyam. You cannot imagine, you cannot imagine the bliss Gaurashyam is feeling by becoming the bhumi of Sri Ekachakra dham on which topmost merciful devotees  are walking. All of them are in infinite love with Nitaichand, anandkand Nitaichand. 

Bhumi rupe gaurashyam I can explain this line for months because Gaura krishna is feeling so much intense ecstasy. Bhumi rupe gaurashyam. Gaura Krishna is clasping the divine lotus feet of Nitai on His chest. Lord Narayan clasped the feet of Brighumuni- the great brahmana, then why would He not clasp the lotus feet of His own brother, His own topmost servitor who serves in all His lilas, in all His abodes constantly with intense love. Chatr vasan aasan dhari rupa, nishdin sevak Krishna swarupa, 24*7 Nitai is serving His brother Gaura Krishna. No one, no one can imagine the limits of Nitai's love and service to Gaura Krishna. That is why Gaura Krishna becomes agitated with love for His brother Nitai that He becomes the transcendental land of Ekachakra.

Lord Narayan wears golden shoes, padukas in Vaikuntha, in Ayodhya as Ram and in Dwarka as Krishna but in Vraja in Goloka Vrindavan (the internal Vraja, Ekachakra and Navdvipa) He doesnot wears any shoes. How can Nitai wear any shoes when the dham is Gaura Shyam? Gaura Shyam told His brother- see My dear brother You are serving Me everywhere, in every way, in every form, in every lila, in every abode so please I beg You please let me serve You by becoming Ekachakra dham because when You do Your pastimes with Your most beloved pranpriya associates then You will not have time to become Your own dham Ekachakra, so you can't focus on both things My dear brother so let me (laugh, so sweet) become the dham bhumi Gaura shyam.

I will feel satisfied by embracing your lotus feet in my bossom chest continuously as you walk on Ekachakra dham. And your devotees are my topmost devotees mad bhaktanam cha ye bhaktas,
te me bhaktatama matah the devotees of my devotees are My uttamah, My topmost devotees. I want the dust of their lotus feet and that desire of Gaura Krishna, that unparalleled divine desire of Gaura Krishna, that bhakt vatsalta, that bhaktan bhakta vatsalta, that dasa anu dasa vatsalta, that bhṛtya anu bhṛtya vatsalta, that love for the servant of the servants. That love for the servants of servant of His servant, that love Gaura Krishna finally experienced in Ekachakra by becoming bhumi rupe gaurashyam.

Imagine Gaura Krishna is constantly crying, constantly crying when He is become Ekachakra because from below He is watching all the maha audarya lilas, the always accessible lilas, the all forgiving, the magnanimous, the most benevolent, the most liberal and the most unconditional and the most causeless pastimes of ananda kanda Nitaichand. He is watching, He is watching and He is crying, He is crying, Gaura Krishna is crying bhumi rupe gaurashyam. Even more than His own pastimes, He loves the pastimes of His beloved devotees like Nitaichand.

ārādhanānāṁ sarveṣāṁ
viṣṇor ārādhanaṁ param
tasmāt parataraṁ devi
tadīyānāṁ samarcanam

The highest lilas, the highest worship is the worship of Gaura Krshna but there is something even higher than that O Devi! O Parvati! Lord Siva tells with tears in His eyes, O Parvati there is something more higher than that. What is that, Parvati says. What is that my lord please tell me. Then Siva says tasmāt parataraṁ devi, tadīyānāṁ samarcanam worship of His own devotees and that worship even the lord Gaura Krishna Himself does. That is His highest joy. Always remember the highest joy of Gaura Krishna is to serve His own devotees, love His own devotees, worship His own devotees, adore His own devotees, praise His own devotees, be with His own devotees, play with His own devotees and because Gaura Krishna couldnot personally come in Ekachakra because He appeared 13 years later to Nitai and that also 150 km away in Navdvipa physically in this Bhauma lila. So He said I cannot wait. I have to become the dham bhumi rupe gaurashyam. I have to become this dham, I have to become this dham, Ekachakra dham. Like when Rukmini told Krishna that you dont know the love of Radha then Krishna was so anxious to become Gaura accepting the love of Radha, to relish the love of Radha. The more He relishes, the more He thinks He doesnot know the full depth. So the same thing is with Ekachakra. Gaura Krishna has become the dham bhumi rupe gaurashyam. Ofcourse Ekachakra dham is Nitai also. Nitai is Sandhini, so all dhams are Nitai. So there is no doubt about it. Dont think that because Gaura Krishna is Ekachakra so Nitai is not Ekachakra. No! Nitai is Ekachakra. He is Sandhini shakti the eternal sat chit anand.

Sat, sat means the whole existence, especially the whole spiritual existence which is always eternal, which is never bhutwa bhutwa prayalete like the material world constantly created, maintained, destroyed, annihilated. No! The transcendental realm is divine. It is the lord Gaura Krishna Himself  as well as He is Nitai Himself. The lord can assume the unlimited forms for unlimited relishing of rasa, unlimited lilas, unlimited associates. He is not satisfied eko bahushyam, the vedas say one became many because there is no happiness in one. Ofcourse He is complete and He is totally happy within Himself atmaram but still He is even higher happiness with many. That is lila. That is lila! This is the lila.fm podcast which you are hearing. So bhumi rupe gaurashyam. All the ashtasatvik vikar, the mahabhav swarup Gaurasundar, He is exhibiting all these ecstasies by becoming Ekachakra dham. You may believe it or not, you may want to listen to this or not but it is the truth. It is appearing in my heart even though I am utterly unqualified by the mercy of lotus feet of Sri Vasudha and Sri Jahnavi. So bhumi rupe gaurashyam. Can you imagine that it is impossible to attain Gaurasundar literally 100000 names is His qualification, His strict principles and sudurlabha He doesnot give His own bhakti. Even Krishna doesnot give His own bhakti, imagine Gaura that's why Prabhodanand Saraswati writes 

If you worship Sri Sri Radha Krishna with intense remembrance in Vraj, for atleast 100 lifetimes, atleast and that is not sure like 100 lifetimes, then you may attain some vision of Gaurasundar's  lotus feet. So rare! So rare! Gaura is very very rare. Even Raghunath das goswami had to, had to do the Panihati utsav and totally please Nitai to approach Gaura in Puri, can you imagine? His family was not leaving him. bhumi rupe gaurashyam, can you imagine how rare this is to even surrender to Gaura, extremely difficult. Only when Nitai put His lotus feet on das goswami's  head, all the paths were cleared for him. Same with all the manjaris, with all the goswamis. Nobody has gone to Vraj or Navdwipa without Nitai's mercy. And that Gaura is so rare that Jiva Goswami says Navdwipa Mahatmaya

NDM 4.34: Tomar (Nityanandaera) karuna bina Gaura nahi paya, shata janma bhaje yadi Gauranga hiyaya

Ah ah ah! I feel like Jiva Goswami is speaking in my heart the glories of anandkand  Nitaichand. Oh Nitai without your karuna, kripa, your sanction, your recommendation, your petition, no one can attain Gaura Krishna. Gaura, what of speak of Krishna. Gaura, even by worshiping Him in one's heart ihaye for one  hundred lifetimes, that Gaura is so rare, so rare. anarpita-charim chirat (Caitanya-caritamrita, Adi-lila 1.3). Very very rare and that Gaura, that Krishna, Vraj is so rare, Gaura is so rare, and that Gaura Krishna is becoming, is coming under our feet when we go to Ekchakra dham. Can you imagine this? bhumi rupe gaurashyam Can you imagine? He is allowing us to walk on His divine body, Gaura and not Nitai, Nitai is always allowing us to walk on His body in any dham, He is sandhini but Gaura Krishna is allowing us to walk on His divine body in Ekachakra dham. He has become our servant because we are going to the dham of His topmost servant. We are remembering the dham of the topmost servant. So He has become the slave under our soles, under our lotus feet His divine golden body Gauranga and His bluish body of Krishna is becoming our pathway. It is, it is, we are walking over Them. 

I don't know how much I can speak of bhumi rupe gaurashyam. So how to do, how to receive this mercy- that may be the question, the question is to remember Ekachakra dham, to remember Nitai, and all His associates. Ekachakra lila was manifested only for 12 yrs, I mean in the prakat lila this time and then Nitai left and that sanyasi and Hadai and Padmavati left to the nitya Ekachakra in the divine aeroplane. But, it  is there, Padma and Hadai are there in nitya Ekachakra. 

If Narsimha, Vamana, Matsya..I mean in the vaikunth there are 25 Vishnus, Hari, Janardhana, Keshava, Madhav, They all in Their Vaikunth planet, if Ramchandra can have His own Vaikunth planet and if Vasudev Krishna can have in Dwarka then why can't the original source of everything, the avtari sakala sambhav tante yate avtari (remember these words of Krishnadas) everything is possible for Him because He is avatari. So He has His abode that too directly in Vraj, in Goloka Vrindavan Ekachakra is there. 

Jahanvi devi had this vision of the divine yogpitha with Her and Vadudha embracing Nitai on the ratna sihasana. This is in Bhaktiratnakar which is published by Srila Bhaktisidhant Saraswati thakur Prabupad in Gaudiya math. It is all accepted as the authentic written directly by sakshat Srila Narhari Chakraborty Thakur, one of the greatest devotees of Radha Govind dev. So to whom to think? This is illusion otherwise you have no hope because through maha audarya of Ekchakra lila one gradually becomes qualified to enter into audarya of Navdweep lila and then enter into the madhurya of Vraj lila. This is the right sequence. That's why Narrotam das Thakur (Champak manjari) write Heno Nitai bine bhai Radha Krishna paite nahi, Gaura Radha Krishna paite nahi. In other verses Jiva Goswami says without Nitai there is no Gaura and without Nitai there is no Radha Krishna. So one can combine them and say Heno Nitai bine bhai Gaura Radha Krishna paite nahi. 

If you go to Ekachakra mentally I mean the the manasik vas Rupa Goswami mentions in dishamrit and in Bhaktirasamrita Sindhu, the power of manasik vas, residence is much much higher than physical residence because physically one may be there in the dham but mentally one is not remembering the lilas in that dhaam, so one is not in the dhaam. dhaame re upari maya pathi jal Nitai replies to Jiva Goswami says that those who don't remember in the dham while  physically staying there are just staying there over the layer. But those who don't stay in the dham say for eg Shri Ramananda Ray, Srila Haridas Thakur, Srila Swarupa Damodar das, they never went to Vrindavan but mentally they are always there in their eternal form. So manasik vas is the topmost and that you can do from anywhere in the world. 

Pavitra vasundhara, sapta dweep saptavasu the seven continents you can purify by wherever you are staying by remembering Ekchakra, all the offences are finished, all the anarthas are finished, all the avidya is finished, ahankar is finished and it is replaced by sukshma. Our body and our mind, intelligence and ego they are replaced by their transcendental counter part in our spiritual form which are eternal, which are in seed form in our soul. Because the seed, the soul has come from Nitai. 

Who is Maha Vishnu? Maha Vishnu is just amsh amsh karanadokshayi,  karanadokshayi is the amsh of the amsh of the plenary expansion of the expansion of expansion, the expansion of Nitai. How many times I say expansion, still its is not enough because it is the plenary expansion. We have all come from Nitai. So how can the soul manifest the spiritual form? By remembering Ekchakra's lilas of Nitai, ananda kand Nitaichand. So please try to remember these pastimes. There is no high qualification required like, in Gaura Radha Krishna pastimes. Nitai's open hands jaya jaya nityananda rohini Kumar patita udhar lagi duba hu pasar. Always His, both of His hands are extended to save those who are not inclined to come to Him. That is the beauty. He gives love to those who don't want it, don't ask for it, those who run away from it, those who blaspheme it like Jagai and Madhai. So Ekchakra is also like that, all His associates are like that- Jahnavi Vasudha, Padma, Hadai Dwadsh Gopal Kumar, His sakhas, His sakhi, His dasis, His dasas and the grass of Ekchakra, the trees, the parrots, the birds everything in Ekchakra they are the most merciful of all. They are always welcoming us with open arms. You can remember any pastimes, you can remember the conjugal pastimes of Jahanvi Vasudha and Nitai without any qualification, you can remember His vatsalya pastimes with Hadai and Padmavati, you can remember His sakhya past times with dwadas gopal, you can remember His dasya pastimes with His millions of dasas and dasis which are there which Jahnavi saw in the yogpitha of Ekachakra in the divine vision in Bhaktiratnakar, you can visualise the shant rasa associates like cows, the grass, the trees, the birds, the river Yamuna, the gupta Vrindavan, where every leaf every tree is saying Nitai,  Nitai, Nitaaaai.

Anandkand Nitaichand ki jai! Sri Vasudha devi ki jai, Sri Jahnvi devi ki jai, samast Ekachakra divya vasigan ki jai, samast shrotagan ki jai. I offer my  repeated obecencies to all of you listeners for saving me by listening to this divine description. Please please share with your friends and family and just give, tell them lila.fm there are 4+.5th (.fm),6th and 7th..just 7 letters in this website. Just share with them and I would please recommend that you leave your comments. On lila.fm, you wont be able to leave the comment, you will be able to read the comments but please install the podbean (podcast) app and please do comment there to inspire me. I feel so happy that I  have served you in some way to give you some happiness, some attraction. I feel my life has become successful by reading your comments which is only possible through the app. And I feel I can record more because it is nourishing you. So please, let me know how my services through the comment. I am reading all your comment, I press the like button on the top right in the app, podbean app. So you know that I have read it it, there is at least one like means I have read it. If I start replying to the comments then I will not be able to record next episodes because it will take lot of my time and energy so please forgive me but I am replying in my heart, I am relishing your comments. I am, I am very grateful for them and thank you so much for absorbing yourself in Ekachakra and becoming totally free of any offence. Just by hearing about Ekachakra one can become free of all the offences. Dandavat pranam. Sri Vasudha ki jai, Sri Jahnvi ki jai, Sri anandkand Nitaichand ki jai. Sri Ekchakra dham ki jai.

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